Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


In order to make the conversation more engaging, the bot will now ask follow up questions on the product page. These follow-up questions can prompt the buyer to ask for additional details around reviews, discounts product features and more, nudging them to place an order.
Please note these follow-up questions are only sent on the product page currently (as per our analysis, over 70% of all Manifest AI conversations happen on product pages though)
You can now see detailed information around the data is used to answer product related questions. You can view which metafields are synced for each product, which are used to answer product related questions.
You can now add FAQs for individual products to improve answers related to the particular products as well.
You will now be able to filter conversations which involved a product purchase or an add to cart action. This will help you to understand user behaviour in more depth and see which conversations lead to more conversions.
We have also added filters in analytics to help you quickly see which conversations made the difference.
You will now get email reports about your Manifest AI assistant's performance every week. These include chatbot interaction metrics and details around the various types of queries which your customers asked.
We plan to add more things to the report soon, which will enable brands to gather even more insights about their stores, their audience & how they can further enhance their conversations.
We have launched proactive AI nudges to encourage customers to complete the checkout when they either remove a product from the cart or abandon a checkout
Manifest AI can now access information about reviews added by your customers to answer queries better & help make their purchase decision simpler!